Brett Perl

The Carnegie Mellon capstone extends of ‘The Cut’, the campus’ main greenspace, across Forbes Avenue, so as to not only bridge the two sites academically, but socially as well. The wedge shape allows for green roofing systems to be incorporated into the project. Additionally, this allows for each form to receive adequate daylight to encourage the use of the outdoor spaces.

The structure is playful, yet technologically advanced and creates a level of transparency between the activities inside the building, and those viewing it from the outside. The orientation of the building was chosen to create a dramatic entrance from the corner of Forbes and Morewood, the most dense area in terms of traffic on the site, and toward roadside traffic entering the University property. The edge of the cantilever is a projection screen which allows student work to be displayed down Forbes, while the adjacent side, which faces the cut, is a glass panel system that allows for transparency to encourage collaboration between majors in the space.