Brett Perl

This project was approached by exploring three themes: body in space, flexible space, and facade. To create dance studios and performance spaces for Emerson College, dancers’ motions were explored as they use each of the spaces. Through the exploration of a body walking, running, and dancing, floor plates were lightly manipulated to curve and enhance each of these experiences, and make travel more efficient through the building. A kinetic facade system was also developed to let in various amount of light, sound, and air. These modules were arranged in a manner that allowed for new green space for the college, which angles upwards to make a presence on the site at the edge of Emerson’s campus, and create seating in the outdoor area. 

This facade also became the main structural element of the project, spanning each suspended element and enclosed space. This allowed for dramatically different experiences in the theater, dance rooms, and lounge spaces, but also allowed for these experiences to change and become used for a different purpose.