Brett Perl

The hostel program called for a design to be generated based on a modular system of eco-elements. The modules work to collect water and create a unique interior user experience. The site strategy is one that directs users and water-flow to a critical fracture point in the site. In this area of the project, the four most significant visitors--hostel-goers, public, bikers, and fishermen--become separated elevationally based on their programmatic requirements. 

While the module’s main function is to create an evaporative cooling and passive heating system by collecting water, it also diverts people to different areas of the site. Southern-facing glass covers the top of the module, allowing for water to be heated when valves are closed between modules, suspending water flow. The diamond shape creates pressure at the highest point of each module, allowing for steam to escape and heat the structure. Conversely, when valves between modules are opened, the constant stream of water running inside the hostel allows for the space to be cooled.

The necessity of the modules to capture and direct water on the site also lent to the form as being an extension of the landscape. The project emerges from the ground, continuing the directionality of the module for entry spaces, which then distorts as the program becomes more complex on the interior.

Project Partner: Ellie Hopen