Brett Perl

Carnegie Mellon holds a tradition in which students can broadcast a message by painting a fence directly in the center of campus. “The Fence”, however, must be guarded overnight, and can only be painted in darkness after midnight. When asked to create a shelter for two to guard “The Fence” overnight, my team focused on creating a form, which considers the human body, reflecting its curvilinear nature. It contemplates the diversity of use about the fence depending on the time of day; the S-shape provides an open social area and an elevated, closed private space. These spaces are both close enough to the fence to ensure that it is guarded at all times of the day. The form challenges the limitations of the materials and questions what a 2x4 is willing to become. By intersecting the social area of the curve with the fence at a skewed angle, a new tactile relationship is achieved between the occupant and the fence. Our design became part of a compilation of structures by the class of 2015. 

Project Partners: Chris Chan, Kevin Hyun, William Gott, John Swanson