Brett Perl

This project reflected on redesigning the entry experience into the Harvard Square subway, rather than the square itself. We created a minimal structure on the square influenced by the shape
 of the square itself. This segment began to rotate and expand as it descended toward the metro stop, allowing for two staircases to emerge. One staircase allows for a leisurely descent, while the other is a hurried descent to the train. By doing this, two experiences are created in the stair, one designed for the most efficiency, while the other is designed to create a panoramic “flipbook” effect, allowing for incremental glances at the activity underground. At the bottom of the stairs, commuters are guided to the turnstiles by another structure on the sit: a “light cannon,” which funnels daylight into the underground. Both structures allow for habitation because
 of their modulated stair-like canopies. The light cannon was intentionally cut off at elbow-level above-ground to allow for users to peer into activities underground, but to also provide an area for talking and gathering.